5 Reasons Why a Mobile App can be the Best Investment for your Business

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In the digital age, businesses should learn to keep their operations agile and nimble. This is crucial as the desires of customers keep changing with a change in lifestyle and accessibility of services. Most consumers today have access to a handheld device that connects them to the rest of the world – which makes it vital for businesses to shift from web-based to mobile-based services.

Mobile app development has become the new frontier in business. Here’s why:

Customer Engagement: Apps boast of the best customer engagement statistics compared to other mediums. This is because smartphones are always carried around by users and the average user spends up to 4 hours on the smartphone every day. This evokes a strong sense of brand recall which translates into customer loyalty.

Boost Productivity: Surveys have revealed that the productivity of businesses increases by up to 40% by using dedicated business apps. This is mainly because apps streamline processes and simplify several aspects of the operation thereby boosting productivity immensely. Several services can be offered feasibly only through apps.

Push Notifications: Push notifications can be considered as the second best form of promotion after word-of-mouth. They incur no costs unlike pay-per-click ads and have high conversion rates. Also, businesses can send notifications with no upper limit, although the number needs to be judicious so that it doesn’t annoy the users.

Customer support: With live chat features and a smooth interface to drop complaints, apps make it easy to drop customer complaints and for consumers to keep track of their grievances and solve them.

Ease of use: Consumers can avail services via mobile applications with ease compared to availing services through PCs. Using phone features such as GPS, Camera, and Contact list, several vital services can be written into apps. These cannot be replicated on web-based services or in offline mode.

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3 steps to building a mobile app that will enhance your business value

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With the advent of the mobile revolution, the number of mobile apps in the app stores has been mounting at an exponential rate in recent times. Today, while there are millions of apps available, only a fraction of them are used. Most people fail to realize that it’s not just about building a good application – it’s about building something that provides value to your customers, and in turn, adds value to your business.

If you’re looking to build a mobile application, here are three vital steps that you must take to ensure that your build a product that customers want:

Step 1: Formulate your core offerings:

You shouldn’t be implementing random features simply because it’s ‘cool.’ You need to clearly define your core values, and make sure your mobile app aligns with it. During development ensure that your mobile app is an extension of your brand, offering users something that they can’t get on another platform. Most developers make the mistake of merely making a smaller version of a website when building an application.
Starbucks is an excellent example of an application that truly adds value to its customers, making beverage ordering and payments an easy affair.

Step 2: Fully exploit the available tools:

While mobiles offer limitations, you can still leverage their functionality to build an app with quality UI and a seamless UX. Smartphones offer in-built cameras, excellent processing power, GPS, fingerprint tech, gesture controls and more. Tap into the functionality provided wherever possible to help drive your core brand value.
For example, Tinder is a highly popular dating application that relies completely on the functionality offered by mobile devices to completely alter the dating scene.

Step 3: Use it to supplement your brand:

When building an application, remember, it cannot be your sole medium to reach out to customers. In several cases, customers might want to seal a deal through your website or physical store. Mobile apps can be used instead to augment the customer experience and alleviate specific pain points by offering enhanced ease-of-use.

For instance, Audi realized that very few people would prefer purchasing a car through apps and hence, built the Audi Connect App, allowing users to lock their cars, set timers and more.

Revolve your app development strategy keeping your end users in mind and align its functionality with your business. If you want to rise above and beyond your competition, teaming up with experts can prove beneficial. Hire experienced mobile app developers in Singapore.