WooCommerce or Magento: Choosing between the largest eCommerce platforms


WooCommerce or Magento? This question has baffled critics and eCommerce enthusiasts for a while. The debate on which is better and offers the most merit is a never-ending one. Both employ the freemium model, which allows users to make use of their basic features for free while charging for upgrades and enhanced features. Being open-source, they’re supported by a huge developer community who’ve got a load of original code to work on. So, the question prevails: Which one is better?

Magento vs WooCommerce

While each of the platforms has its own share of advantages, we’ll bring out their major differences that will help you make an informed decision:

1) Ease of implementation

WordPress’ WooCommerce undoubtedly scores in this arena. The plugin is ideal for beginners, and anyone with zero technical knowledge can work with it. Also, it has an enormous base of online tutorials to supplement it. On the other hand, Magento remains simple for simple sites but becomes increasingly difficult to manage once you start scaling up your site, making it a must to hire a Magento developer.

2) Features

On this front, Magento is clearly the winner, offering a host of features that allow your site to be extended to any extent. WooCommerce is mainly considered a ‘beginner’ platform and targets startups and small businesses, hence the features it comes with are also limited.

3) Cost

Both are free to use, provided you only use the basic version. However, upgrading will cost you. WooCommerce requires several plugins to be added, while Magento starts out with a majority of features inbuilt. Hosting might cost you an additional sum on Magento, unlike WooCommerce that runs on WordPress hosting.

4) Themes

Themes on both the platforms are extensive and highly customizable. You’ve got a choice to select between thousands of free and paid templates, giving you complete freedom to obtain the desired look and feel. Also, most of the themes available are mobile responsive making it apt for catering to the increasing mobile user base. There’s no clear winner in this aspect.

5) Security

No platform can be 100% secure, and while both the platforms offer their share of advanced security features through extensions and manual modifications, Magento is a step ahead. It provides dedicated security patches to users, so, if you take your security seriously, it should be your clear choice.


While WooCommerce is perfect for simple websites, Magento is more suitable for complex stores, which demand more features and high-end security. It’s always wise to hire experts for your development needs. If you’re looking for a Magento development company in Singapore or skilled WooCommerce website developers, Openwave should be your first port of call. Get in touch!


3 steps to building a mobile app that will enhance your business value

bigstock--187799152 (1)

With the advent of the mobile revolution, the number of mobile apps in the app stores has been mounting at an exponential rate in recent times. Today, while there are millions of apps available, only a fraction of them are used. Most people fail to realize that it’s not just about building a good application – it’s about building something that provides value to your customers, and in turn, adds value to your business.

If you’re looking to build a mobile application, here are three vital steps that you must take to ensure that your build a product that customers want:

Step 1: Formulate your core offerings:

You shouldn’t be implementing random features simply because it’s ‘cool.’ You need to clearly define your core values, and make sure your mobile app aligns with it. During development ensure that your mobile app is an extension of your brand, offering users something that they can’t get on another platform. Most developers make the mistake of merely making a smaller version of a website when building an application.
Starbucks is an excellent example of an application that truly adds value to its customers, making beverage ordering and payments an easy affair.

Step 2: Fully exploit the available tools:

While mobiles offer limitations, you can still leverage their functionality to build an app with quality UI and a seamless UX. Smartphones offer in-built cameras, excellent processing power, GPS, fingerprint tech, gesture controls and more. Tap into the functionality provided wherever possible to help drive your core brand value.
For example, Tinder is a highly popular dating application that relies completely on the functionality offered by mobile devices to completely alter the dating scene.

Step 3: Use it to supplement your brand:

When building an application, remember, it cannot be your sole medium to reach out to customers. In several cases, customers might want to seal a deal through your website or physical store. Mobile apps can be used instead to augment the customer experience and alleviate specific pain points by offering enhanced ease-of-use.

For instance, Audi realized that very few people would prefer purchasing a car through apps and hence, built the Audi Connect App, allowing users to lock their cars, set timers and more.

Revolve your app development strategy keeping your end users in mind and align its functionality with your business. If you want to rise above and beyond your competition, teaming up with experts can prove beneficial. Hire experienced mobile app developers in Singapore.



Hiring Professional Web Developers: Five Factors to Keep in Mind

There are plenty of Web Development companies in the scene today. However, choosing the one that meets your standards and can deliver as per requirements is harder. In this article, we’re going to be looking at a few steps to take when selecting a reliable Web App Development company.Web Design & App Development in Singapore

Make an evaluation of the quality through the price

It may be easy to find corporations that work for an extremely low price. However, with such companies, the quality of the overall project may also suffer compared to more expensive vendors. Make sure that you can judge the overall value of the company by their pricing, and determine the right scale of quality you’re aiming for in the outcome.

Request references

Companies with reliable credentials would not hesitate to give you references from previous clients. This step is essential in determining the quality of the corporation and the benefits they would entail for you. Never judge a company purely by its web appearance and reviews. Digging a little deeper can be helpful.

Engage with the team behind the project

Ensure that you understand and get to know the team that will be working on your project, rather than taking it for granted that the company would handle this aspect. Before making a contract, it would be wise to personally contact and talk directly to the people involved in the process. This can help facilitate a better understanding of your vision for the project, thereby helping the developers align themselves towards it.

Remain updated with the project

Keep channels of communication open with the team. Ensure that you remain updated on the status of the project, and that you are kept in touch with the developments as they come about. If the company is the type that presents occasional and brief updates to their clients, then it would be wiser to decline and go elsewhere. Staying in touch with the project is essential in keeping the outcome in line with whatever you envisioned.

Respect their working style

Despite the earlier point, one needs to make sure that one is not intrusive in the working process of the vendor. Keep a regular check on their working, but make sure that you can respect their style of operation and that you give them the professional space they need to get the job done.

If you’re looking for expert web developers that can work in accordance with your vision and deliver on time, then Openwave has the solution. We are a Singapore based web application software development services company with twenty years of experience and countless satisfied clients. Get in touch with us to explore the opportunities of this arena!


Building a successful eCommerce store: Why hiring a Development Company is essential?

Success in the online retail world isn’t all about having a good collection of products to sell or providing competitive prices. The first step towards building a booming eCommerce business is to lay the foundation strong, and that starts with the website. From performance to aesthetics, combining all the essential elements is key to succeeding in eCommerce. However, considering this a DIY project will spell disaster. It is recommended to hire a professional development company to set up a high performance, intuitive, and profitable e-store.Build Store from eCommerce Web Development Company

Here are five must-haves to consider while building your store – and how hiring a development company can help you incorporate them:

1) Go responsive

Let’s face it; desktop devices are losing their sheen and portability is on the rise. If your site isn’t mobile-ready, you’re indirectly losing out on a massive chunk of revenues.

How to: Ask your developer to ensure that your site is built with responsive web design. This can go a long way in catering to the mobile crowd.

2) Get the design right

In a bid to stand out, a few online retailers are known to go overboard with the design, adding eye-popping colors, animations and more. All the extraneous stuff may drive customers away.

How to: A professional will know how to keep it real, simple and clean.

3) Secure is better

No paying customer would consider conducting transactions or even trust a site that doesn’t take security seriously.

How to: Developers can add multiple layers of security to the site, add secure modes of payment, SSL encryption and ensure that your site is PCI compliant

4) Performance optimization:

Anything that takes more than a few seconds to load will cause the user to abandon your site, and move on to something better.

How to: Compressing images, using caching, combining CSS or JavaScript resources into single files and other optimization techniques can speed up load times.

5) Site navigation:

If your site’s structure is laid out in a way that makes it hard for visitors to navigate, you’re dealing another blow to your website. Your store must be very easy to browse through.

How to: Only a professional will have substantial knowledge on incorporating a navigation style that’s user-friendly while also keeping the layout of the site simple and neat.

Start your online retail journey today by teaming up with a renowned B2B / B2C eCommerce development company in Singapore. Openwave understands the intricacy involved in eCommerce development like no other and can help you build a successful store.


Top Advantages that the DotNet Platform offers to Developers

ASP.Net, or simply known as DotNet, is one of the preferred coding platforms for hundreds of thousands across the globe. This language is credited with simplicity and ease-of-usage, along with being easy for novices to learn.ASP.NET Web App Development Company in Singapore

In this article, we’re going to be examining some of the major advantages of programming with Dotnet, and the distinct features that this platform offers.

  1. With this coding language, there is the advantage of updates for web applications that are deployed without the need of restarting the server.
  2. With Dotnet, there is an automated system of supervision for web pages and their controls. Along with this, the platform also has the opportunity to build new server controls tailored from the existing ones.
  3. It provides features for the caching of web pages that are frequently visited on the server. Along with this, there are many other helpful features such as ability to assign content for particular languages.
  4. It comes with Windows authentication, boosting security for applications built upon it.
  5. Programmers working on this language can choose between 25 different languages supported within the platform, ranging from C Plus to Java Script to many others.
  6. It has a special feature in which the size of the codes written is reduced, thereby boosting efficiency for programmers.
  7. All applications, pages, etc. operating within the platform are monitored, thereby reducing the threat of suspicious activity at any instance.
  8. It offers quick deployment due to the incorporation of the configuration data into the platform.
  9. It gives the programmer the freedom of applying the language that he needs for the application. In addition to this, the application can also be shared with multiple languages.
  10. The platform lacks multiple complex features such as native optimization, etc. This, as a result, delivers higher speed and better performance for working.
  11. It comes with a system of support for other languages such as XML and CSS among many others, thereby bolstering ease-of-working for the developers.

If you’re looking for professional help for Dotnet development, then we’ve got what you need. Openwave is an established corporation in the software services area. We have a presence across the world, including in Singapore, Malaysia, New York. Join us to develop strong, stable and secure applications on the Dotnet platform in Singapore at affordable costs.


Factors that Make it Easier, Cleaner & Profitable to Develop on Magento

Setting up an eCommerce store involves many necessities and complications, and Magento is the chosen solution for millions of customers. The platform has its advantages with its flexibility, working capacity and support. Today’s businesses are looking for the best when it comes to performance, and we’re going to be looking into what makes Magento stand out from the rest.

B2B B2C C2C eCommerce Web Development in Singapore

Free for all

Being an open source platform, Magento is completely free for all users. This is an advantage for firms working on a tight budget, as well as start-ups and freelancers.

Compatibility with Mobiles

The design structure makes it compatible with mobiles as well. E-stores built on this interfaces are given better synchronization with different models of smartphones, iPads, notebooks and many other devices.

Better Integrations Capacity

The integration capacity of a product is critical in the line of e-commerce. The Magento platform is designed for easier integration with a host of online services such as applications, payment portals, and much more.

Improves ease-of-working for Developers

It provides an easy-to-use navigation and link structure, cutting time and making it easier to manage websites for developers.

Integrated SEO enhancement system

It is integrated with a unique SEO management system. Known as ‘Magento SEO’, it analyzes and boosts the SEO character of its websites, ensuring better visibility online.

Stronger Customer Satisfaction with Carting

With this platform, customers have a shopping car features that bolsters working convenience for customers. It presents customers with an easy-to-follow process when making a purchase, and also has multiple useful payment options.

Features for Marketing

Apart from designing and building a site, Magento offers a range of facilities aimed at improving the marketing of your business. These tools can promote e-commerce businesses through options such as coupons, multi-tier pricing and more.

Top-notch Security

It is designed with an eye on security. It has strong safety protocols that guard the privacy of customers, while minimizing the chances of any cyber-threat.

Openwave Computing in Singapore, a leading pioneer in the software field, with a steady twenty-year experience here. We’ve helped countless corporations build applications to elevate their business and increase revenues. If you’re in need of development in the Magento Website platform, we can offer you efficient, reliable solutions at affordable prices.


Factors for Deciding whether to Build own Website or Hire Professionals

New Websites are created almost on a daily basis today, and a greater number of people are using the online-space for their personal and commercial endeavors. But for someone new to this trade, a vital question to consider is whether to set up the Website on your own, or to hire help.

Design Website by Own or Hire Web Developers

Crucial aspects to consider

  1. Computer knowledge – There are intricacies to this process that might elude you if you’re completely alien to this field. If you’ve had experience with computers and web development, then you might be able to wade through this with ease. But for someone coming out of the blue, it’s better to fetch help.

  2. Digital marketing – Apart from building the website, one needs to be able to promote it in a roughly competitive web space. Online visibility and search engine rankings play a crucial role in this. If you don’t have a solid understanding of digital marketing and search engine management, then it may be difficult to grapple with this biz all alone.

  3. Purpose of the website – An easy going blogger might require much less professionalism and expertise in site compared to an established business attempting to court customers online. Determining the purpose of the site and the seriousness you want to deliver helps you decide if you need help.

Advantages of hiring a professional

Although websites come with a basic layout, along with some drag-and-drop features, some of their themes and features are considered outdated and even redundant. Further, restricting your website to the tools offered by the web-builder might result in limited features and a lack of overall quality.

Hiring a professional developer would ensure that all elements of the web-site are up-to-date. In addition to this, the more advanced features that websites offer come with an expensive package. As a result, using the website’s design store might leave you with a taller bill than you would have paid if you had hired a developer itself.

Disadvantages of hiring a professional

Creating the site on your own grants you an atmosphere of complete freedom that you would have to sacrifice when hiring a developer. Although professional developers consult with their clients and map out a clear vision of his/her needs, the end-result may not be exactly what you had hoped for.

In the end, you need to keep in mind the specific needs of your site, the features you look for and the professional quality that you envision before making this choice. If you do choose to hire help, Openwave Computing can assist you in bringing your dream site to life. We have three decades of experience in this field and can build you an efficient, attractive website in Singapore at reasonable costs.