How Can You Build Useful, Engaging and Successful Mobile Apps?

How Can You Build Useful, Engaging and Successful Mobile Apps?

The smartphone revolution is still going strong if you go by the latest data – by 2020, it’s estimated that over 400 billion apps will be downloaded each year. Businesses from around the globe are hiring developers to help craft mobile apps to connect better with their customers, provide useful services to them, as well as to improve revenue generation.

Are you wondering how your organization could build a useful mobile app? Here are some Google-approved techniques that will enable you to do so:

Get Acquainted with Micro-Moments
Google has done a ton of research on how consumer behavior is shaped by micro-moments in our daily lives. This understanding, when applied to mobile apps, can lead to exceptional results. Only brands that manage to satisfy consumers during a micro-moment will survive long-term.

Focus on the Core Function
Users want what they want – and they want it right now (or yesterday). The sole purpose of your application must be to provide a useful service as quickly as possible. That’s why you should focus on the core function of the application and give secondary priority to everything else.

Help Users Get Around Fast
Users will often be moving while accessing your offering, which can hamper browsing. Mobile phones also have small screens, which makes getting around them difficult. It’s important that your application uses the latest best design practices – like minimalist and grid-based design – to help users get around fast. Implementing a useful search feature can also help.

Provide Personalized Recommendations
The more personal your application gets, the more useful it becomes to the user. With the help of machine learning (or AI technology), your product will be able to provide users with personalized recommendations, based on their history/preferences.

Create User-Friendly Forms
Typing on a mobile screen is a bother. If your product contains a form, make sure it’s user-friendly as well as small (take a look at examples provided by the most popular apps in stores). Also, give them the option of transitioning to a PC to finish the process.
Your application will only be as good as the developers who’re working on it. For best results, hire developers who have built dozens of apps for both Android and iOS in the past.

Website vs. Web apps: What’s the Difference and Which Should You Choose?

Technology evolves at a rapid clip, and it’s hard for even tech-savvy people to keep track of all the changes. Many business owners and tech rookies get confused, for example, when it comes to Websites and Web apps. In this post, we’re going to take a look at the major differences between the two and help you pick the option that you need the most:

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The biggest (and most basic) difference between a website and a web app is their goal: a site is typically created to provide ‘information’ about a company or organisation, while a web app is a software that provides a ‘service’ online. Often, these apps are integrated into an existing website. For example, an online retail site will have catalogues of products for customers to browse. The ‘purchasing’ process of the items, including accepting payment, dispatching an item and generating a receipt, is handled by the web app integrated into it.

Technical perquisites

Websites are easy to setup and require just basic HTML, CSS, sometimes content management system (CMS) software (like WordPress), and – for excellent websites – frameworks like .NET. Web apps, because they are meant to handle sophisticated services, are much harder to setup and require advanced technical knowledge and database integration. Some platforms you can use to create them include PHP and .NET.

Cost to setup

The building, running, maintaining, and updating a website is cheap. Building a web app is a costly and time-consuming process. They are also difficult to manage – some organisations create IT teams specifically for maintenance.

Conclusion: Which one do you need?

Every medium to big-sized business will need both. Small businesses, on the other hand, can make do with just a website. It all depends on your unique requirements, budget, and vision for the future. If you run a restaurant, for example, a site is adequate to display your menu and show customers the way to your place with a map. A web app, on the other hand, will let customers order food online, pay bills, and reserve tables! You can hire an experienced website development team to build both at affordable rates.

Super Mario Run Now Available on Android: Find out more

Super Mario Run Now Available on Android: Find out more

Super Mario Run was recently (23 Mar) launched on the Google Play Store, following a successful outing on Apple’s iOS Store. It is made by famous publisher Nintendo and looks all set to be one of the highest-grossing games of all time. According to an official tweet from Nintendo, the developers released the game earlier than expected.

The game was released first on iOS in December and made Nintendo over $50 million in sales by the end of January. It has been downloaded on iOS over 80 million times till date.

What’s the Game About?
The Super Mario Run game is about a plumber called Mario navigating through dozens of distinct levels, collecting coins and power-ups along the way. It has a cast of other playable characters, like Princess Peach, too. You can also build a virtual mushroom kingdom, and there’s lots of content in the game to get you to come back to it daily. Mario is one of Nintendo’s biggest success stories and brings up fond memories for video gamer from around the world.

Do you have to Pay to Play?
Unlike Pokémon GO and other games that offered in-app purchases and let you play for free, you have to buy Super Mario Run to progress beyond a certain point. You can download and play the first three levels, but you have to pay $10 to unlock the levels after that.

Is it Worth the Asking Price?
Most of the major game reviewers have rated it to be satisfying. IGN, for example, has given it an 8/10 rating. Gamer seem to be satisfied with it (it gets download close to 70,000 times a day), too.

However, according to the sales figures, only about 5% of all people downloading it are paying for it. That tells us that either the game isn’t as good as the hype surrounding it claims it to be or that they don’t want to fork out money to unlock additional content.

Only time will tell if Super Mario Run will be as successful as top-grossing games like Clash Royale. If you own an Android device, Our Mobile Application developer will help to download it.

Maximize Business Productivity in 2017 with these Mobile Apps

Maximize Business Productivity in 2017 with these Mobile Apps

Running a successful business isn’t easy. Many entrepreneurs burn the candle at both ends attempting to stay afloat in today’s hyper-competitive market. Using automation or business productivity software can take a huge load off your shoulders and help you manage even the most complex business tasks with ease.

Here are some brilliant mobile apps that can help you run a business effortlessly:

Keep Track of Accounting with NetSuite OneWorld

Every company generates many expense reports, security records, purchase orders, inventory lists, tax records, and other such records. The NetSuite OneWorld is a business management tool that helps you analyse and handle all these reports conveniently from a smartphone. The app runs smooth and is very easy to use.

Collaborate with Team Members with ClickMeeting

Team building and brainstorming is a great way to boost morale and make work more enjoyable for employees. With ClickMeeting, multiple people can work on a project together via video conferencing and collaboration tools. You can stream video and audio based content, record events and share them, and also share your smartphone screen with team members.

Better Customer Service with HappyFox

Your business doesn’t just run on weekdays from 9 to 5 but is a 24/7 operation. Many customers will have queries or need help during off hours. With HappyFox, your team can handle customer service requests remotely, like answering calls, finding information, and resolving complaints.

Improve sales with Salesforce

The Salesforce application is a very popular business growth/CRM tool. It collects and helps you analyse important customer and sales related data that you can leverage to improve your offerings and boost revenue generation. While it is primarily desktop-based software, it also has a pretty powerful mobile app.

Manage employee with BambooHR

Your staff is your biggest asset. With BambooHR, you can manage them effortlessly right from your smartphone. The tool lets you track applicants, their progress, carry out performance evaluations, and streamlines the whole process of hiring/letting go of employees.

To-do list, scheduling, and messaging apps can also be used by the entire workforce to boost productivity. Remember, your company can only be as productive as the software you use allows it to be.

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Should you Choose a CMS or HTML for your New Website?

Every business needs a professional website that is both well-made as well as helpful to customers. You can either create a static website using HTML, or you can build dynamic with a content management system (like WordPress). What’s the difference between the two? Static websites can’t be updated while they are running – they have to be taken down first, hence the term ‘static’ or non-changing.

If you don’t know which platform you should pick, here are some comparisons between the two to help you decide.

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Comparisons between HTML & CMS

Ease of install

When you build with a CMS, you can use drag and drop tools to create your website. There are also premade themes available to be the base. With HTML (and CSS), you have to make pages from scratch. If you’re not tech-savvy, you will have to pay a programmer to do it for you.

Technical knowledge required

You don’t need much – if any – technical knowledge to build and manage CMS based websites. Updating them is easy – you don’t have to take your pages offline to do so. With HTML, you need lots of know-how to not only build a site but also to update it.


If you use a content management system, there are plenty of premade themes available that let you customize your pages exactly as you want. With HTML, it’s possible to customize entirely, but (again) it’s difficult.

Advanced features

Most systems like WordPress have freely available plugins that extend the existing functionality of your pages significantly. With HTML, you have to program the new features by yourself – there’s no free support from a team of developers.

Development costs

Building a CMS-based site is cheap (many of them are open source), updating them is cheap, and hosting is low price. On the other hand, HTML sites aren’t very easy to develop and maintain. Hosting for them isn’t very expensive, though.


Not only are CMS-based websites superior, but they are also cost-effective long-term. If you don’t have the know-how to build one for yourself, you can hire web developers in Singapore to do it for you.

Make the Move to Mobile-Friendly Web Design or Lose Out

Make the Move to Mobile-Friendly Web Design or Lose Out

We are in the midst of the Smartphone era. Almost half of humanity owns a smartphone and uses it on a daily basis to browse the internet. The number of smartphone devices has long since surpassed the number of desktop PCs. Research tell us that customers prefer to browse websites on their phones, especially when they’re out and about. Despite all this, many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) still don’t run mobile-friendly websites!

If you still haven’t made the shift to responsive (or mobile-friendly) design, here are some reasons why we think you need to do so immediately:

Avoid a fall in Search Engine Rankings

Google’s recent algorithm and policy updates are bad news for non-mobile-friendly site owners. If your pages aren’t optimised for mobile devices, your website will automatically drop rankings. Not only will this result in reduced traffic, but you will also have to pay more for advertisements.

Keep Customers Happy

Over 50% of consumers won’t use a business often, even if they like it, if it isn’t mobile-friendly. A significant majority will never recommend the company to their family and friends if it doesn’t care about mobile users.

Find Local Customers

According to research, over 75% of all people who search for an item on their phone will visit a local shop/business within a day. A majority of search engine queries are location-based. Google displays local businesses prominently for location-based searches.

Take Advantage of the Mobile Shopping Trend

The mobile shopping phenomenon has taken the online retail world by storm. A respected marketing researcher tells us that approximately 50% of all online sales will originate from smartphone devices by the year 2020. If you want to make money by selling products and services online, you need responsive design.

Keep Up with Competitors

Finally, about 40% of all website visitors will immediately abandon a site and head over to a competitor’s if it isn’t mobile-friendly. That’s a very significant amount. What that does is indirectly feed your opponents with leads that should rightfully be yours.

Our Openwave Mobile App Development Team says, Sites that don’t support responsive design are sinking fast. If you want to make your business future-proof, It’s time to embrace responsive design from.

Do You know Why Exchange Your Laptop to iPhone Apps??

Do You know Why Exchange Your Laptop to iPhone Apps??

Hello Apple users and those who are need to develop their apps in iPhone? Just take a 60 seconds view for why iPhone replaces your App with iPad.

“ Difficulty is not Difficulty.. It will not difficult when you’re exchanging from old one!!”

Our iPhone App Development in Singapore Convoys Apple recently advertise their replacement for a computer. In early year of 2015-16  Apple only did refreshed their apps in laptop line.

While introducing 12-inch MacBook, leaving Air, upgraded Macbook those are not refreshed.

Apple was spent $1,300 reviving of Air and then Macbook and also $600 spent for Macbook and The base model of iPad with its latest hardware.

The company website  with refers the iPad pro is in “Super Computer”.

Apple’s marketing is recently updated the campaign settings of revolve to answering for real problems. For this kind of programs helps to tweets the targeted people complaints. This sets the iPad pro up based on your apple approaches.

Most of the average persons are useful to dedicate the development of single piece of paper to their laptop. So Apple is decided to exchange their life to different categories for smart users life.

In this year the relevant bumper offers are expected by the users to get the different kind of envelope to do the best software kind of to your iPhone. Our related kind of upgrades to increase the computing service to the keyboard attached with traditional advantages.

For apple users who are actually intended for the computer now they can easy their process by using iPhone apps.

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