Factors that Make it Easier, Cleaner & Profitable to Develop on Magento

Setting up an eCommerce store involves many necessities and complications, and Magento is the chosen solution for millions of customers. The platform has its advantages with its flexibility, working capacity and support. Today’s businesses are looking for the best when it comes to performance, and we’re going to be looking into what makes Magento stand out from the rest.

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Free for all

Being an open source platform, Magento is completely free for all users. This is an advantage for firms working on a tight budget, as well as start-ups and freelancers.

Compatibility with Mobiles

The design structure makes it compatible with mobiles as well. E-stores built on this interfaces are given better synchronization with different models of smartphones, iPads, notebooks and many other devices.

Better Integrations Capacity

The integration capacity of a product is critical in the line of e-commerce. The Magento platform is designed for easier integration with a host of online services such as applications, payment portals, and much more.

Improves ease-of-working for Developers

It provides an easy-to-use navigation and link structure, cutting time and making it easier to manage websites for developers.

Integrated SEO enhancement system

It is integrated with a unique SEO management system. Known as ‘Magento SEO’, it analyzes and boosts the SEO character of its websites, ensuring better visibility online.

Stronger Customer Satisfaction with Carting

With this platform, customers have a shopping car features that bolsters working convenience for customers. It presents customers with an easy-to-follow process when making a purchase, and also has multiple useful payment options.

Features for Marketing

Apart from designing and building a site, Magento offers a range of facilities aimed at improving the marketing of your business. These tools can promote e-commerce businesses through options such as coupons, multi-tier pricing and more.

Top-notch Security

It is designed with an eye on security. It has strong safety protocols that guard the privacy of customers, while minimizing the chances of any cyber-threat.

Openwave Computing in Singapore, a leading pioneer in the software field, with a steady twenty-year experience here. We’ve helped countless corporations build applications to elevate their business and increase revenues. If you’re in need of development in the Magento Website platform, we can offer you efficient, reliable solutions at affordable prices.


Factors for Deciding whether to Build own Website or Hire Professionals

New Websites are created almost on a daily basis today, and a greater number of people are using the online-space for their personal and commercial endeavors. But for someone new to this trade, a vital question to consider is whether to set up the Website on your own, or to hire help.

Design Website by Own or Hire Web Developers

Crucial aspects to consider

  1. Computer knowledge – There are intricacies to this process that might elude you if you’re completely alien to this field. If you’ve had experience with computers and web development, then you might be able to wade through this with ease. But for someone coming out of the blue, it’s better to fetch help.

  2. Digital marketing – Apart from building the website, one needs to be able to promote it in a roughly competitive web space. Online visibility and search engine rankings play a crucial role in this. If you don’t have a solid understanding of digital marketing and search engine management, then it may be difficult to grapple with this biz all alone.

  3. Purpose of the website – An easy going blogger might require much less professionalism and expertise in site compared to an established business attempting to court customers online. Determining the purpose of the site and the seriousness you want to deliver helps you decide if you need help.

Advantages of hiring a professional

Although websites come with a basic layout, along with some drag-and-drop features, some of their themes and features are considered outdated and even redundant. Further, restricting your website to the tools offered by the web-builder might result in limited features and a lack of overall quality.

Hiring a professional developer would ensure that all elements of the web-site are up-to-date. In addition to this, the more advanced features that websites offer come with an expensive package. As a result, using the website’s design store might leave you with a taller bill than you would have paid if you had hired a developer itself.

Disadvantages of hiring a professional

Creating the site on your own grants you an atmosphere of complete freedom that you would have to sacrifice when hiring a developer. Although professional developers consult with their clients and map out a clear vision of his/her needs, the end-result may not be exactly what you had hoped for.

In the end, you need to keep in mind the specific needs of your site, the features you look for and the professional quality that you envision before making this choice. If you do choose to hire help, Openwave Computing can assist you in bringing your dream site to life. We have three decades of experience in this field and can build you an efficient, attractive website in Singapore at reasonable costs.

The Google Settings App is extremely useful to Android Users: Know how

The Google Settings App is extremely useful to Android Users: Know how

The Google Settings app was launched in early 2013 and is a part of the service apps bundle. However, not many Android users take the time needed to open the application and thoroughly check out its features. It is a very useful product that can significantly improve your Android journey.
Here are some of the top features in the app that you need to check out right now:

Control ‘Connected Apps’
You can control the permissions that you’ve given to applications with this option, apart from getting a better idea of how many products you use. You can also disconnect those that you don’t want to grant permission to.

Google+ Auto Backups
With Google+ Auto Backups, you will be able to create duplicates of new photos and videos automatically. They will be transferred to Google Photos online, and you’ll get private access to them.

Play Games
Don’t want games to bother you with constant updates and requests? You can disable their notifications in the Play Games section. You can also create a Priority Notifications list here if you’re fond of games.

Search & Google Now
You can enable or disable Google Now in the ‘Search & Now’ section. You can also refine your search criteria here: you can get your phone to search for your contacts, music, browsing history, and more.

Ad Control
With Ad Control, you can create an advertising ID so you can be shown adverts that are in line with your preferences and requirements. You can also opt out of interest-based ads if you think it’s a violation of your privacy.

The ‘Verify Apps’ section gets your phone to monitor your apps for suspicious or malicious activity every once in a while. You also get warnings if the phone finds something that shouldn’t be there.

Android Device Manager
This option allows you to find a lost or stolen Android phone remotely. If someone has stolen it, you also have the option of remotely wiping the data.
By letting you administer all Google services in one place, the app makes your Android experience much more enjoyable than before.

Our Openwave Mobile App Developers are well versed to do use those mentioned features. Use and enjoy and grow in your business!!

Need help with Starting an Online Business? Read this Brief Startup Guide

The online retail business – with its global revenues more than $2 trillion – is dominated by giants like Amazon.com and eBay. Carving out your share of the lucrative eCommerce pie is going to take lots of investment – if not in money, at least in time.

B2B / B2C eCommerce Website Development in Singapore

Some ways you can go about building a successful eCommerce business with a small investment:

Create your brand

Your brand will be the core of your business. The name you come up with should be memorable, easy to pronounce and also related to your niche. Pick a .com domain name that is related to the brand – and ensure it is short.

Find the best eCommerce platform

The eCommerce CMS you use will be the base of your website. Pick one that has capabilities your unique business needs. Small businesses, for example, should be okay with WooCommerce; medium-sized businesses would do well with Shopify; medium to large ones – or B2B ones – can use Magento.

Research your target audience

Many first-time entrepreneurs make the mistake of designing a store that they would personally want to navigate. The goal is, however, to build an online store that your audience will want to browse. Research your target audience and create a website catering to their needs.

Make your website easy-to-navigate

Nobody has the patience to visit a website that takes over 3-4 seconds to load. Your site must be fast as well as easy-to-browse. Visitors must be able to find what they are looking for very quickly. Make the search intuitive and also use a minimalist, grid-based layout. The payment process must be optimized for mobile devices.

Shipping and returns

If you don’t offer free shipping, you are going to lose your customers quickly. The same goes for the return policy. Successful online businesses offer both free shipping and a clear return policy (usually 30 days) to gain customer trust.

You can’t compromise on the quality of your online store, though – it has to be fast-loading as well as easy to navigate. If you don’t have the experience or knowledge to build an optimized site, you can team up with an eCommerce development team in Singapore.

How Can You Build Useful, Engaging and Successful Mobile Apps?

How Can You Build Useful, Engaging and Successful Mobile Apps?

The smartphone revolution is still going strong if you go by the latest data – by 2020, it’s estimated that over 400 billion apps will be downloaded each year. Businesses from around the globe are hiring developers to help craft mobile apps to connect better with their customers, provide useful services to them, as well as to improve revenue generation.

Are you wondering how your organization could build a useful mobile app? Here are some Google-approved techniques that will enable you to do so:

Get Acquainted with Micro-Moments
Google has done a ton of research on how consumer behavior is shaped by micro-moments in our daily lives. This understanding, when applied to mobile apps, can lead to exceptional results. Only brands that manage to satisfy consumers during a micro-moment will survive long-term.

Focus on the Core Function
Users want what they want – and they want it right now (or yesterday). The sole purpose of your application must be to provide a useful service as quickly as possible. That’s why you should focus on the core function of the application and give secondary priority to everything else.

Help Users Get Around Fast
Users will often be moving while accessing your offering, which can hamper browsing. Mobile phones also have small screens, which makes getting around them difficult. It’s important that your application uses the latest best design practices – like minimalist and grid-based design – to help users get around fast. Implementing a useful search feature can also help.

Provide Personalized Recommendations
The more personal your application gets, the more useful it becomes to the user. With the help of machine learning (or AI technology), your product will be able to provide users with personalized recommendations, based on their history/preferences.

Create User-Friendly Forms
Typing on a mobile screen is a bother. If your product contains a form, make sure it’s user-friendly as well as small (take a look at examples provided by the most popular apps in stores). Also, give them the option of transitioning to a PC to finish the process.
Your application will only be as good as the developers who’re working on it. For best results, hire developers who have built dozens of apps for both Android and iOS in the past.

Website vs. Web apps: What’s the Difference and Which Should You Choose?

Technology evolves at a rapid clip, and it’s hard for even tech-savvy people to keep track of all the changes. Many business owners and tech rookies get confused, for example, when it comes to Websites and Web apps. In this post, we’re going to take a look at the major differences between the two and help you pick the option that you need the most:

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The biggest (and most basic) difference between a website and a web app is their goal: a site is typically created to provide ‘information’ about a company or organisation, while a web app is a software that provides a ‘service’ online. Often, these apps are integrated into an existing website. For example, an online retail site will have catalogues of products for customers to browse. The ‘purchasing’ process of the items, including accepting payment, dispatching an item and generating a receipt, is handled by the web app integrated into it.

Technical perquisites

Websites are easy to setup and require just basic HTML, CSS, sometimes content management system (CMS) software (like WordPress), and – for excellent websites – frameworks like .NET. Web apps, because they are meant to handle sophisticated services, are much harder to setup and require advanced technical knowledge and database integration. Some platforms you can use to create them include PHP and .NET.

Cost to setup

The building, running, maintaining, and updating a website is cheap. Building a web app is a costly and time-consuming process. They are also difficult to manage – some organisations create IT teams specifically for maintenance.

Conclusion: Which one do you need?

Every medium to big-sized business will need both. Small businesses, on the other hand, can make do with just a website. It all depends on your unique requirements, budget, and vision for the future. If you run a restaurant, for example, a site is adequate to display your menu and show customers the way to your place with a map. A web app, on the other hand, will let customers order food online, pay bills, and reserve tables! You can hire an experienced website development team to build both at affordable rates.

Super Mario Run Now Available on Android: Find out more

Super Mario Run Now Available on Android: Find out more

Super Mario Run was recently (23 Mar) launched on the Google Play Store, following a successful outing on Apple’s iOS Store. It is made by famous publisher Nintendo and looks all set to be one of the highest-grossing games of all time. According to an official tweet from Nintendo, the developers released the game earlier than expected.

The game was released first on iOS in December and made Nintendo over $50 million in sales by the end of January. It has been downloaded on iOS over 80 million times till date.

What’s the Game About?
The Super Mario Run game is about a plumber called Mario navigating through dozens of distinct levels, collecting coins and power-ups along the way. It has a cast of other playable characters, like Princess Peach, too. You can also build a virtual mushroom kingdom, and there’s lots of content in the game to get you to come back to it daily. Mario is one of Nintendo’s biggest success stories and brings up fond memories for video gamer from around the world.

Do you have to Pay to Play?
Unlike Pokémon GO and other games that offered in-app purchases and let you play for free, you have to buy Super Mario Run to progress beyond a certain point. You can download and play the first three levels, but you have to pay $10 to unlock the levels after that.

Is it Worth the Asking Price?
Most of the major game reviewers have rated it to be satisfying. IGN, for example, has given it an 8/10 rating. Gamer seem to be satisfied with it (it gets download close to 70,000 times a day), too.

However, according to the sales figures, only about 5% of all people downloading it are paying for it. That tells us that either the game isn’t as good as the hype surrounding it claims it to be or that they don’t want to fork out money to unlock additional content.

Only time will tell if Super Mario Run will be as successful as top-grossing games like Clash Royale. If you own an Android device, Our Mobile Application developer will help to download it.