Exciting Android App Development Trends That Will Gain More Traction In 2019

Android has managed to cover a significant portion of the app market standing tall against its fierce competitor – iOS. Engaging millions of users across the world and enabling them with exceptional functionalities, it provides developers with a lot of lucrative features to play with and gain good visibility in the market. It has evolved exponentially over time and continues to do so by exhibiting stellar quality and interfaces for users to enjoy.

While developers incessantly work to create and innovate features, some manage to get more traction eventually. Here are some exciting Android app development trends that show promise to fare well in 2019.

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Android App Development Trends

1) Instant apps:

Android has enabled users to directly use apps without having the need to install them into mobile devices. This allows users to access them and get a feel of it instantly. Play Store has so many tools that we would like to use. But the feasibility of downloading and installing everything is questionable because not everyone has huge storage space to accommodate them. So, this serves as a great solution to overcome such issues and enable users to access these tools without worrying about space usage.

2) Artificial intelligence:

Machine learning coupled with AI is a very powerful combination that allows developers to understand consumer behavior. This provides a major statistic advantage for them to customize apps accordingly to maximize conversion rates over time. Additionally, AI allows for changes to occur real-time which paves way for automation of things which usually need humans to carry-out. This accelerates productivity by miles and reduces cost of employment. This is become a hot trend for rendering improved overall performance.

3) Virtual reality:

This is a very attractive technology that has managed to ground firmly in the digital space. It allows users to virtually experience far away places right from their homes. It is being incorporated in education, gaming, and other industries as well. Providing highly immersive solutions, this tech undoubtedly contributes to the app’s lucrative nature and will take conversions escalate exponentially! Visual Positioning Systems (VPS) are being aggressively developed to provide stellar experiences to users.

4) Blockchain:

Although Android provides a wide range of functionalities to its users, it still has vulnerabilities which are often exploited by hackers. But blockchain has come to change this scenario. By providing impenetrable levels of security, it makes Android apps all the more reliable and efficient. This enables banking and finance industries to improve operations and provide services more securely. Also, cryptocurrencies and e-wallets powered by blockchain have gained the spotlight, which adds to the prospects of employing Android tools.

5) Kotlin:

Android development was not progressing much at a point after Java 7. So, developers came up with an improved language that enabled to enhance the development process. This language is known as kotlin and it is currently being used to create many Android apps which extensive features that provide better user experience. Getting a grip of this language is very important in the upcoming year because sooner or later, it is expected to cater to be used extensively in development processes.

6) Wearable technology:

We have been observing the boom of wearable technology recently. We’ve seen smartwatches that went viral after coming into the market. While we’re seeing smart glasses and smart shirts being developed, there’s a lot more to come. All such wearables are primarily enabled with a mobile app. Android, being a highly flexible platform is a great choice for developing one to integrate with those wearables. This paves way for futuristic devices to come to life.

7) Internet of Things:

IoT is definitely something that’s really exciting! IoT is penetrating into homes, workspaces, enterprises and many other places due to the desirable connectivity it provides. It is estimated that about 30 billion devices will be connected by 2020 and Android will play a major role in making this a reality.  This will shape amazing environments where productivity and comfort levels are sky-high.

With so many potential advancements surfacing, expectations for the future is certainly exciting. If you are looking to hire a professional Android app development company in Singapore, get in touch with Openwave! We host a superior team of developers who excel in providing various app solutions! Connect with us to know more!


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