WooCommerce or Magento: Choosing between the largest eCommerce platforms


WooCommerce or Magento? This question has baffled critics and eCommerce enthusiasts for a while. The debate on which is better and offers the most merit is a never-ending one. Both employ the freemium model, which allows users to make use of their basic features for free while charging for upgrades and enhanced features. Being open-source, they’re supported by a huge developer community who’ve got a load of original code to work on. So, the question prevails: Which one is better?

Magento vs WooCommerce

While each of the platforms has its own share of advantages, we’ll bring out their major differences that will help you make an informed decision:

1) Ease of implementation

WordPress’ WooCommerce undoubtedly scores in this arena. The plugin is ideal for beginners, and anyone with zero technical knowledge can work with it. Also, it has an enormous base of online tutorials to supplement it. On the other hand, Magento remains simple for simple sites but becomes increasingly difficult to manage once you start scaling up your site, making it a must to hire a Magento developer.

2) Features

On this front, Magento is clearly the winner, offering a host of features that allow your site to be extended to any extent. WooCommerce is mainly considered a ‘beginner’ platform and targets startups and small businesses, hence the features it comes with are also limited.

3) Cost

Both are free to use, provided you only use the basic version. However, upgrading will cost you. WooCommerce requires several plugins to be added, while Magento starts out with a majority of features inbuilt. Hosting might cost you an additional sum on Magento, unlike WooCommerce that runs on WordPress hosting.

4) Themes

Themes on both the platforms are extensive and highly customizable. You’ve got a choice to select between thousands of free and paid templates, giving you complete freedom to obtain the desired look and feel. Also, most of the themes available are mobile responsive making it apt for catering to the increasing mobile user base. There’s no clear winner in this aspect.

5) Security

No platform can be 100% secure, and while both the platforms offer their share of advanced security features through extensions and manual modifications, Magento is a step ahead. It provides dedicated security patches to users, so, if you take your security seriously, it should be your clear choice.


While WooCommerce is perfect for simple websites, Magento is more suitable for complex stores, which demand more features and high-end security. It’s always wise to hire experts for your development needs. If you’re looking for a Magento development company in Singapore or skilled WooCommerce website developers, Openwave should be your first port of call. Get in touch!


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