Building a successful eCommerce store: Why hiring a Development Company is essential?

Success in the online retail world isn’t all about having a good collection of products to sell or providing competitive prices. The first step towards building a booming eCommerce business is to lay the foundation strong, and that starts with the website. From performance to aesthetics, combining all the essential elements is key to succeeding in eCommerce. However, considering this a DIY project will spell disaster. It is recommended to hire a professional development company to set up a high performance, intuitive, and profitable e-store.Build Store from eCommerce Web Development Company

Here are five must-haves to consider while building your store – and how hiring a development company can help you incorporate them:

1) Go responsive

Let’s face it; desktop devices are losing their sheen and portability is on the rise. If your site isn’t mobile-ready, you’re indirectly losing out on a massive chunk of revenues.

How to: Ask your developer to ensure that your site is built with responsive web design. This can go a long way in catering to the mobile crowd.

2) Get the design right

In a bid to stand out, a few online retailers are known to go overboard with the design, adding eye-popping colors, animations and more. All the extraneous stuff may drive customers away.

How to: A professional will know how to keep it real, simple and clean.

3) Secure is better

No paying customer would consider conducting transactions or even trust a site that doesn’t take security seriously.

How to: Developers can add multiple layers of security to the site, add secure modes of payment, SSL encryption and ensure that your site is PCI compliant

4) Performance optimization:

Anything that takes more than a few seconds to load will cause the user to abandon your site, and move on to something better.

How to: Compressing images, using caching, combining CSS or JavaScript resources into single files and other optimization techniques can speed up load times.

5) Site navigation:

If your site’s structure is laid out in a way that makes it hard for visitors to navigate, you’re dealing another blow to your website. Your store must be very easy to browse through.

How to: Only a professional will have substantial knowledge on incorporating a navigation style that’s user-friendly while also keeping the layout of the site simple and neat.

Start your online retail journey today by teaming up with a renowned B2B / B2C eCommerce development company in Singapore. Openwave understands the intricacy involved in eCommerce development like no other and can help you build a successful store.


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