Top Advantages that the DotNet Platform offers to Developers

ASP.Net, or simply known as DotNet, is one of the preferred coding platforms for hundreds of thousands across the globe. This language is credited with simplicity and ease-of-usage, along with being easy for novices to learn.ASP.NET Web App Development Company in Singapore

In this article, we’re going to be examining some of the major advantages of programming with Dotnet, and the distinct features that this platform offers.

  1. With this coding language, there is the advantage of updates for web applications that are deployed without the need of restarting the server.
  2. With Dotnet, there is an automated system of supervision for web pages and their controls. Along with this, the platform also has the opportunity to build new server controls tailored from the existing ones.
  3. It provides features for the caching of web pages that are frequently visited on the server. Along with this, there are many other helpful features such as ability to assign content for particular languages.
  4. It comes with Windows authentication, boosting security for applications built upon it.
  5. Programmers working on this language can choose between 25 different languages supported within the platform, ranging from C Plus to Java Script to many others.
  6. It has a special feature in which the size of the codes written is reduced, thereby boosting efficiency for programmers.
  7. All applications, pages, etc. operating within the platform are monitored, thereby reducing the threat of suspicious activity at any instance.
  8. It offers quick deployment due to the incorporation of the configuration data into the platform.
  9. It gives the programmer the freedom of applying the language that he needs for the application. In addition to this, the application can also be shared with multiple languages.
  10. The platform lacks multiple complex features such as native optimization, etc. This, as a result, delivers higher speed and better performance for working.
  11. It comes with a system of support for other languages such as XML and CSS among many others, thereby bolstering ease-of-working for the developers.

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