Should you Choose a CMS or HTML for your New Website?

Every business needs a professional website that is both well-made as well as helpful to customers. You can either create a static website using HTML, or you can build dynamic with a content management system (like WordPress). What’s the difference between the two? Static websites can’t be updated while they are running – they have to be taken down first, hence the term ‘static’ or non-changing.

If you don’t know which platform you should pick, here are some comparisons between the two to help you decide.

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Comparisons between HTML & CMS

Ease of install

When you build with a CMS, you can use drag and drop tools to create your website. There are also premade themes available to be the base. With HTML (and CSS), you have to make pages from scratch. If you’re not tech-savvy, you will have to pay a programmer to do it for you.

Technical knowledge required

You don’t need much – if any – technical knowledge to build and manage CMS based websites. Updating them is easy – you don’t have to take your pages offline to do so. With HTML, you need lots of know-how to not only build a site but also to update it.


If you use a content management system, there are plenty of premade themes available that let you customize your pages exactly as you want. With HTML, it’s possible to customize entirely, but (again) it’s difficult.

Advanced features

Most systems like WordPress have freely available plugins that extend the existing functionality of your pages significantly. With HTML, you have to program the new features by yourself – there’s no free support from a team of developers.

Development costs

Building a CMS-based site is cheap (many of them are open source), updating them is cheap, and hosting is low price. On the other hand, HTML sites aren’t very easy to develop and maintain. Hosting for them isn’t very expensive, though.


Not only are CMS-based websites superior, but they are also cost-effective long-term. If you don’t have the know-how to build one for yourself, you can hire web developers in Singapore to do it for you.


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