What makes Magento the Best Platform for your New Custom B2B Online Store?

Amazon and other online retailers have set high standards when it comes to the shopping experience, for both B2C & B2B eCommerce stores. A slow-loading website that is difficult to navigate is going to be rejected by today’s demanding customers. As such, it’s crucial that B2B businesses up their game and build an online store that is not only fast but also provides an enjoyable and convenient buying experience.

Online B2B / B2C eCommerce Web Development

Magento is the best choice for B2B businesses

Magento is still the most popular eCommerce platform out there for businesses. Why should you choose it for your new eCommerce site? Here are some top reasons why:

Cheap to build and maintain

It is open source – free to use – and there is plenty of development talent available. You can make huge stores with no product limits and advanced features quickly and easily. Maintaining your store also doesn’t cost a lot of resources.

Customer segmentation

B2B businesses often have groups of customers to which they sell products at differing prices. Magento allows customers to log into a group account and purchase products at a certain price.

Tiered pricing

Bulk purchases in B2B are common. When customers buy items exceeding a certain amount, businesses often give them discounts, which goes up as the amount increases – this is called tiered pricing. Magento has tiered pricing inbuilt.

Personalized recommendations

Personalised recommendations are a great way to not only showcase new products to customers that they might not know about, but also make it faster and more convenient for them to make important purchases.

Responsive design

Supports responsive design out-of-the-box. With today’s clients increasingly using mobile phones to browse and shop for products, a mobile friendly design can help you close sales.

Analytics support

Finally, the eCommerce platform has many analytics tools you can integrate into your store to learn more about customer preferences and the state of your store, in general. This info can be used to improve your offerings.

These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg – Magento is an ideal long-term investment that will give you maximum returns. You can get a custom B2B Magento eCommerce Online Store – with advanced features & beautiful design – made by hiring dedicated developers.


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