Latest Mobile App Trends Every Smartphone User Should Know

Apps have come a long way since the first smartphone came out. What was once a novelty has now quickly become an integral part of the lives of billions globally! Applications themselves have evolved a great deal, and modern apps are not only useful but drop dead gorgeous too. So what does the future look like for applications?

Here are some mobile app trends that will excite every smartphone user:

Embedded AI

Apps will soon be able to sense your mood and deliver you content or services accordingly. They will also be able to learn your preferences and provide you with personalised recommendations and services.

Instant loading apps

It can be a bother to download software to a phone – it will consume data, which is expensive, and occupy storage space. Immediate loading Android apps is a new trend that allows you to use the product online, also called as content streaming.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality are finding their way onto mainstream utility and entertainment apps, especially games. These technologies are allowing developers to provide smartphone users with a memorable, vivid, lifelike 3D experience. Better graphics is always a good thing!

Hybrid development

Many organisations are losing productivity because their applications can’t be used on mobile devices. With hybrid development, organisational level apps will now be accessible on a wide range of device types and OSs, including desktops and mobiles. Research tells us that the demand for corporate-level developers is going to be five times the current supply!

Location and motion sensing

With the help of GPS tracking and ‘beacon’ technology, developers are building products that can provide users with location-based services (LBS), offers, and promotions. For example, if a customer is shopping in a section of a store, a savvy marketer can provide a prompt discount on an individual product.

There are other novel technologies on the way, too, like software that can be controlled with your thoughts alone! With app downloads expected to double in the future and more first-time developers introducing unique products in the market, the next few years will be very exciting for technology lovers.

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