CMS vs PHP Framework: Which Should you Pick for Business Website?

When building an official website, businesses have to choose between two platforms: a content management system (CMS) or PHP frameworks. Both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses, and which platform is most suitable for you will depend on your unique businesses.

Content management systems handle the back-end aspects of programming and design, so all you have to do is handle the front-end. A PHP framework, on the other hand, is a set of design libraries with classes that you can use to create a website from scratch.

Advantages - CMS & PHP frameworkIn this post we’re going to take a look at some important factors companies need to consider when picking between the two:

#1 Performance

PHP-based frameworks will let you build custom websites from scratch that load very fast. CMS-based ones tend to be slow to load, because there is a lot of redundant code in there, especially if you use pre-built extensions.

#2 Security

Because of their open-source nature, vulnerabilities in content management systems can be easily exploited by hackers. PHP-based websites are much more secure, on the other hand.

#3 Features

It’s possible to have the same kind of features on both platforms, but CMS-based websites have access to thousands of pre-built plugins that have been built (and are updated by) developers globally.

#4 Setup times

A content management system based website is much faster to set up. All developers have to do is to pick a theme, add plugins into it, and create content for the site. Framework-based sites have to be written from scratch.

#5 Cost of development

The cost will vary with unique business requirements, but it’s usually cost-effective to pick CMS-based sites – they are easy to set up and update, and you get a lot of free features built-in.

#6 User-friendliness

It isn’t easy to manage PHP-based pages because it takes programming experience to fix problems when something goes wrong. On the other hand, CMS pages are much easier to handle.

Are you still not sure on which one to choose? Consult an experienced web development team in Singapore that has experience with building corporate websites to help you decide the best one for your unique business.


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