Get a Real-Time Mobile App to Boost Productivity and Provide a Better Service


Customers have big expectations when it comes to doing business online, thanks in part to the outstanding service they get from popular sites like For example, has made it almost normal to place, process, ship, and provide a same-day delivery for a large number of products. Customers now expect the same level of service from other B2B as well as B2C businesses.

Importance of real-time mobile apps

The level of customer service that has become normal these days can only be delivered through exceptional data gathering and processing – which can be done with the help of real-time mobile apps. The ‘real-time’ refers to being able to provide up-to-date information to customers and employees to makes transactions, deliveries, and business processes, in general, more transparent.

Here are some ways real-time mobile apps are setting new customer service and productivity standards:

Producing instant, accurate updates and quotes

According to surveys, a business that is the first to produce a quality/accurate quote will win a bid 70% of the time. Real-time mobile apps make it easy for you to gather data needed to produce the quote, through SAP, CRM, and ERP integration.

Letting customers know exact delivery dates

Everyone wants to know when they can expect their product delivery. With an app, it’s possible to calculate an exact delivery date. They also make it possible to provide real-time shipping and delivery updates. This helps you meet customer demands. Also, in the case of B2B customers, it helps them optimise their own business processes through precision planning.

Providing accurate data to boost customer engagement

In most organisations, there is a large communication delay when answering common questions customers may have about compliance and product quality, as ERP, CRM, quality assurance and other relevant systems aren’t integrated. With an application, you can provide information to customers as and when they need it.  

As you can see, a real-time mobile app can significantly boost the productivity of your business. You can hire experienced app developers to build you a custom app based on your unique requirements without breaking the bank.


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