Target Holiday Shoppers this Christmas by revamping your Website

Christmas is just around the corner again, and eCommerce businesses worldwide are gearing up to lure more customers into buying from then. With so much competition out there and people increasingly preferring to shop exclusively online, it’s difficult to get your business noticed, especially if you’re a small or home-run business with no online presence.

Christmas Sales by revamping Website

You will be able to generate a lot more sales, though, by putting your business online and building a store on a popular platform like Magento. Here are some suggestions on what you can do with your site to attract holiday shoppers:

Design a unique holiday-themed homepage

Your homepage is the face of your business. By infusing it with holiday spirit – with the help of animations, pictures, holiday colors like red and green, and videos – you can put shoppers in a festive mood and make them think better about your business.

Countdown to D-day with an animated timer

Countdown timers are a proven method to get customers excited about your business and products, especially if you’re going to offer a sale. Put up a big countdown timer that shows how much time is remaining until the Christmas unveil.

Spread the festive cheer with coupons

Customers love to shop from places that offer discounts. You can make them more inclined to buy from you by providing Christmas discounts or rebates – it doesn’t have to be a lot – and you can reward return shoppers with loyalty programs.

Ask customers to share their holiday plans

Customer-generated content – including reviews, testimonials, and guides – are much more trustworthy to other clients than anything you could say. Get your customers to vouch for your products and services.

Scout for new customers with social media

You can use social media to generate new audiences/customers, especially with Facebook’s paid advertising. You will be able to target users that are more likely to buy your products and services, based on their “likes” and purchase history.

Make sure your site is optimized and responsive

Customers will swiftly abandon slow-loading sites. Make sure your site is optimized, search engine friendly, has a clear checkout process, and also loads correctly on desktops and mobile devices.

Also, have a clear shipping-and-returns policy and plan your campaign in advance for best results. If you want to make even more sales, hire web design team in Singapore and have a look into building a unique holiday mobile app to target smartphone users.


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