Responsive Web Design Trends of the Future

Experts now estimate that about 50% of all web traffic comes from mobile phones alone. Because of the widespread adaptation of mobile devices, it is now inconceivable to build websites that aren’t responsive. In fact, when web designers talk about Web Design these days, it’s synonymous with responsive design.

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The era we are in currently is an exciting phase in the evolution of responsive design, as we’re seeing revolutionary new technologies being implemented by the designers globally. Here are some responsive web design trends of the future you should know about:

We won’t have to click as often

It is harder to make precision taps on small screens. Websites are now introducing features like infinite scrolling that support gestures over clicks. Responsive design is looking to reduce the number of gestures it takes to get things done.

Web pages will become clutter free

Space is no longer a constraint, and designers are increasingly using screens with high definition pictures that are free of any content. The goal is to boost user experience as much as possible by making a website attractive.

Audio input will become commonplace

Audio hasn’t been utilized as much as it should have been in the past. Web sites in the future may support audio input through smart devices, using inbuilt voice assistants like Apple’s Siri.

Expect websites that load faster and are easier to understand

Slow loading websites with crammed content experience high bounce rates. Web sites are looking to simplify and use pictures to explain concepts instead of words.

Icons and pictures will have to scale

Web sites still use bitmap images which don’t scale properly on large screen. Google Material Design, though, incorporates images and icons that scale to size without loss in quality.

Interactive displays that know when you’re looking at them

The front-facing camera on the smartphone can potentially be used to read faces, gestures, as well as the movement of your eyes. This technology may be used by apps and websites as an input method as well as to improve the user experience.

If your website isn’t mobile friendly yet, you’re losing out on a lot of traffic and revenue. There are many tools online that teach you how to make your website responsive – or you can hire Web Designers in Singapore to do it for you.


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