6 must-know advantages of using PHP in Web Development

With the increased use of Internet, the number of websites getting developed each day is increasing. With that being said, businesses have started moving from static to more dynamic websites. PHP is a server-side open source scripting language that makes it easy to develop dynamic websites. There are millions of websites designed and still counting.

PHP Web Application Development in Singapore

Why do you still think PHP is quite popular? Here are top 6 reasons:

Easy of Learn

Compared to other programming languages, PHP is easy to learn and understand. Its code is based on the syntax of Perl and C, so programmers and newbies can learn this technology quickly.

Free of cost

As you know, this programming language is open source; it is free of cost. Therefore, developing a website with PHP can be done at minimal cost.

Access to support all servers and Databases

With being open source, it supports all the key web servers; be it Microsoft IIS or Apache. Also, it supports all databases including IBM DB2, FrontBase, SQLite and many.


PHP has its own memory, so the loading time of the server gets reduced automatically, which results in faster processing speed. When it comes to the development of web apps like CRM or e-commerce, the programming language reduces the development time.

Efficiency in Performance

Depending on how you code, can turn out to be a competent web language to use. Further, it is known to be scalable and reliable when writing the code as well as when dealing with a lot of web pages.

Highly Secured

It is one of the most secure ways of developing web applications and sites since it has multiple security layers to protect against threats and malicious attacks.

Because of the feature-rich benefits, it’s no wonder that it is the most popular scripting language. Choose a professional Web Application Developer to give your enterprise a new dimension in the market.


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