What makes PHP & MySQL combination the best pick for building robust Web Apps?

Not long ago, the prospect of building websites as a strategic promotion tool was quite unheard of. Today, websites form a crucial part of businesses across the globe. A strong web presence translates into better visibility which in turn provides more leads, sales and returns. The need for dynamic Web applications to achieve business objectives is now more than ever.

PHP MySQL Combination Web Development

Most developers use PHP script and MySQL database for building robust web apps that can be scaled according to business needs. Let’s take a look at what makes these combo a developer’s favorite and why you should consider it for development of your business’ web application:

1) High-performance app development possible

User-friendly, interactive and flexible web apps are a must to engage visitors. PHP is a server-side scripting language that enables dynamic website page creation. Coupled with MySQL, it makes creation of customized high-performance websites quite simple.

2) Ease of use

While it is quite easy to master as opposed to other programming languages, MySQL’s fast and powerful database system offers everything one needs to serve the data to browsers. The ease-of-use it offers makes the alliance of PHP and MySQL an absolute hit with developers.

3) Operates on multiple platforms

These combo solve one of the biggest concerns that businesses have – portability. Applications developed using this combination can run on multiple operating systems and servers without a hitch.

4) Development cost is minimal

PHP technology is extremely cost-effective for two reasons – One: a multitude of Web developers in the market vie for the attention of businesses, which ensures a competitive price. Two: the combination can run perfectly on low-end hardware as opposed to the ISS/ASP/SQL server.

5) The best pick for custom eCommerce store creation

While platforms like Magento, Shopify have a lot to offer when it comes to eCommerce development, PHP and MySQL allow the developing custom-built stores that no prepackaged solution can match!

When it comes to building dynamic web apps, nothing can match the versatility of PHP and MySQL. Openwave Computing specializes in LAMP development that seamlessly integrates the most powerful Open source programs in existence. Get Openwave’s PHP MYSQL expert Web Developer help now!



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