5 Brilliant Typography Tools that Web Designers will Love

Websites are the pivot of information. The most common way to communicate to your users is through providing readable content. With readable material being so important, it is necessary to ensure that you have the best typeface on your site. Luckily, a few Typography tools do an excellent job in assisting you to create the best website.

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Here a few typography tools that every web designer must know about:

  1. Guttenberg

This fancy typography tool is easy to use and acts as a perfect starter kit for web developers and designers. It is a work-in-progress project that aims to bring meaning and workmanship to the web. As it is an open source project, the tool welcomes designers and developers to modify the functions and contribute to the project. By adjusting the base size of the text, line width, and height, you can create a smashing web typography for your site with Guttenberg.

  1. FitText

With Responsive Web Design becoming an important requirement, FitText makes your web-text size flexible such that it can fit into various screen resolutions and across varying devices with different widths. With FitText, your typography becomes flexible and attractive; the plug-in however mainly focuses on perfecting the large texts.

  1. Typesetting.css

If you are looking for a minimalistic tool and would love to keep your site simple and elegant, then Typestting.css is just the tool for you! This tool had been inspired by graphic design basics and surprisingly, from an amateur to the expert, it is believed to be everyone’s cup of tea.

  1. FlowType.js

It is quite difficult for designers and developers to strike a balance as specified by the standards. The standard readable typography is to have about 45-75 characters per line. Many sites out there do not meet the readability standards which results in them rendering a poor user experience. FlowType.js is a tool created to change the font size and the line-height so that it meets the readability standards.

  1. Lining.js

Abiding by the rules of typography and having a rigid set of standards can annoy the designers to the core. Lining.js is a typography that allows YOU to be the boss. This will permits you to have complete control over the web typography and is supported by the most popular web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari. With responsive design the ruling the webdesigning world, Lining.js fits perfectly into the trend.

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