How to Start an Online eCommerce Business?

So, you’re aware of the hype surrounding eCommerce businesses and couldn’t wait to build one for your business. But where should you start? If you thought setting up an online business is quite similar to starting a brick-and-mortar store, you couldn’t be more wrong. While the basic building blocks are the same – initiation, planning, execution, control and maintenance – it takes on a whole new context when it comes to online stores.

Start an Online Business

Let’s break down the process of building a successful online store into simple steps that anyone, either an aspiring entrepreneur or an established firm, can benefit from:

STEP 1:  Plan what and to whom you’ll sell

Newbies into the online world usually decide on the product first and then look for a market when the right approach is actually the other way around. Create a business plan by performing a thorough market analysis, plan your budget and funding for product procurement or production etc.

STEP 2: Organize your thoughts on paper

Once you’ve created the basic plan, it is time to write things down on paper. Create a compelling business plan. If you’re planning on applying for external funding, your business plan does most of the talking for you.

STEP 3: Choose a Domain name

Now here comes the tricky part – selecting the domain name. Your entire online identity is based on your domain name. Tough to pronounce, forgettable names are a strict no-no. Keep is short and straightforward. Include your business name in the domain, if possible.

STEP 4: Building a Website

Pre-made, ready-to-order, template eCommerce stores may seem like the most apt choice, but in reality, it’s not. An eCommerce Store needs to provide easy navigation, use optimized images and other details that an inexperienced eye is bound to miss. Get the help of seasoned Web developers to help you develop and design an eCommerce store that is aligned with your business needs.

STEP 5: Visibility

The next step is – gaining visibility. There are several ways you can achieve this. You can give your business a head start by investing in PPC advertising and hiring an SEO expert. Consider introducing exciting launch offers, flash deals, referral programs offering huge incentives. You can also promote your business on Social Media and other platforms to attract potential customers.

STEP 6: Stay connected

Even after your online business becomes a runaway success, the chances of failure down the line cannot be dismissed. For this reason, you need to stay connected with your customers, observe market and technology trends and continually evolve to prevent your online presence from being wiped out.

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