Why Dotnet is the Best Way you can Deliver Simple and Robust Solutions?

App development has opened up multiple avenues for everyone – be it the developer, the enterprise or the user. That’s why, over the years, the number of app development platforms have gone up to such an extent that today, it’s difficult to choose one out of them. Before starting to build applications, developers have to make the final choice on which platform they will be making the application on. This platform inevitably has to be reliable, scalable and highly functional.


So, what’s the best platform that fits the criteria given?

Dotnet is one of the best platforms that fit the bill as it can efficiently manage processing services, desktop clients and mobile apps across all platforms, which are prerequisites to delivering robust solutions. A ‘solution’ is the ability of mobiles to act as a source of content in the virtual world.

Dotnet, which is backed by Microsoft, develops desktop applications through two technologies
1. Windows Presentation Foundation or WPF
2. Win Forms

Most developers well-versed would never deny the fact that the platform delivers complex software solutions to all aspects of production and execution. The information about a certain incident during an emergency comes from smartphones and mobile devices used by dispatch staff who use desktop client application which –
 1. displays information on build chart
2. active incidents
3. generates reports and statistics
4. helps access system data

.NET framework is a platform structured in a good manner, is well documented and is backed by a huge, helpful community of developers. So any time you encounter a problem, it can be quickly and easily solved with inputs from community members. Moreover, it has the ability to build visually appealing apps incorporated with the best UI elements.

Dotnet comes packed with a host of features – interoperability, language independence, high security, etc. to mention a few. Overall, it can be said that Dotnet web application development is a highly profitable option for all types of app developers.

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Dot net Application Development- Here’s Why it is the Best Choice

Dotnet is a very popular and well-trusted programming language that is being widely used in many parts of the world. Dotnet web application developers have thoroughly benefited from the popularity of this platform, as there has been a great inflow of job opportunities for them. Anyone wanting to develop a successful website or a mobile app has to rely heavily upon Dotnet. An app that has been developed on dotnet has superior features and can give optimum utility to its owner. So if you haven’t converted your business into a dotnet app, now might be a very good time to take the plunge. Here are a few benefits of Microsoft dotnet development:


A Lot Less Coding

When developing a dotnet app, the amount of coding is a lot lesser than the other mediums. This takes out a lot of efforts from the developer’s end.

Better Security

It offers built-in windows authenticity so you don’t have to worry about security details.

Better Than Other Apps

Apps developed on dotnet are really fast and better at catching services than other apps.

Always Active

Apps developed on dotnet are never dead. Even if one process ends, another one starts right then. So, it responds to all requests round the clock.

Here are a few myths about Microsoft dotnet development that you simply shouldn’t believe:

1. These are Complicated

Microsoft is being used widely around the world and dotnet developers are practically everywhere. Having a dot net app is not at all complicated.

2. These are Only Meant for Giants

It is extremely untrue that only bigger players or businessmen can use dotnet apps. These applications can prove to be especially useful for the smaller players in the market.

3. These Apps are Expensive

That’s not accurate. It all depends upon the popularity rather than the medium.

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5 Plugins That Will Take Your WordPress Website to Another Level

Data is everywhere around us, that too in thousands of forms. Websites and apps can often become overburdened with data. At times like these, there are certain plugins that can help you in ensuring that the website keeps on running smoothly in spite of the onset of data and help keep it relevant. A prime example WordPress – a CMS that is loaded with a host of plugins allowing you to expand your site beyond bounds.

Here are a few plugins that can give your site a new life:

Wp Data Tables

All kinds of charts and tables can be constructed in a much quicker and convenient manner. Your site won’t go berserk every time you add a new table.

NextGEN Gallery & NextGEN Pro

All your software related issues can be resolved with the help of NextGen gallery and pro. Its front end features are sure to transform your website. Not only that, but its backend features will make the management of the site much smoother.



All kinds of sliders can be created with this little gem. You can play with designs and make your website really very unique. Different types of visual editing can be done via Layerslider.


When you need to customize your social media information, blog2social is your best friend. This gem of a feature gives you hundreds of formats, fonts, colors and designs. You can safely go crazy and trust that your site will look more attractive than ever.


When you want to create an all-new layout but don’t want to code any longer, Rexpansive can be a lifesaver. This feature is very unique and will turn your site around in just a few minutes.

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What Factors Should You Consider When Migrating From ASP.NET Web Form Apps?

ASP. Net MVC is the platform of choice when it comes to developing web applications in the modern day for most developers and business corporations. However, if an application has already been developed using web forms and you are required to move this to MVC, it would ask for a great deal of effort and skill on the part of the developer.

Here are a few key considerations which .NET website developers need to keep in view when driving the transition:


The Use of Web API is Recommended

When it comes to creating responsive applications on ASP.NET, it is always a recommended best practice that Web API be used. The greatest advantage to .NET developers in doing so is that Web API can be reused when you migrate across to the MVC platform.

Class Libraries to be Used When Developing The Code

When you make use of class libraries in the ASP.NET development framework, the programming transcends being specific on the user interface front. In addition to this when a code is well-segregated into classes; the migration to MVC is relatively easier.

Avoid Including Web Form Specific Features

When you ultimate aim is to move to move your application to MVC, including web form specific code in your application is just going to prove counter-intuitive. This is why you must always approach your development from the perspective of the ultimate goal of moving it to MVC, and avoid including features specific to web forms.

Including MVC Design Patterns While Developing Web Forms

This is again a strategy which qualifies as moving towards your goal, wherein you would want your code to migrate easily to MVC and this is where segregation of concern in web form’s use can come in to be fruitful as well.

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Comparing the eCommerce Stalwarts: Zencart Vs. WooCommerce

Ecommerce has boomed on to become a full-fledged industry in itself and if you take into account the number of people who have made big bucks in the industry, you would know that it is a profitable one. No wonder technocrats took notice and what followed was a string of developments of eCommerce platforms, both paid and open source ones.
Here we compare two of the most common eCommerce store development and management frameworks, which have grabbed both store owner and developer’s attention – Zencart and WooCommerce:

Zencart VS Wocommerce

Scalability :

Although Zencart being a completely open source platform is quite scalable, the clear winner on this front is WooCommerce. This is simply because of the dense network of add-ins which has been developed on it, enabling you to add them as the scale of your store grows.

Server Hosting :

Both tools fare equally on the front of hosting as they are self-hosted. This means that the server on which the tools will be hosted will be local to you and hence the responsibility of making updates and an amendment to them shifts to the store owner.

Integration of Payment Gateways :

Zencart is devised to have access to a string of payment gateways such as PayPal and Square, but WooCommerce has a well developed and extensive bunch of payment gateway options (extensions, to be precise), to help integrate customer payments effectively.

Financials :

While ZenCart comes completely free of charge, there are a few reservations which come with the ‘free download’ tag on WooCommerce. There are certain crucial plugins to be used with WooCommerce which come with an appreciable cost.

Whichever eCommerce development platform you intend to use for your store, it is crucial to make sure that an able development team does the actual implementation. Make sure that you put on your side of research into choosing the right technology partner, based on skills and the experience that they bring to the job.

5 Benefits of Revamping Your Website with Drupal 8

Looking to rejuvenate your brand? The first and foremost thing you have to do is to revamp your website design. Going for a website overhaul helps you give a facelift to your brand and adds a fresh perspective to it. What better platform to revamp your site in than Drupal 8? Drupal 8 is a highly effective CMS that is both modern and advanced. It offers a host of features that make it a highly effective proposition.

drupal in the form of binary code, 3D illustration

Use Drupal 8 for Rebuilding Your Website and Benefit from the Following:

1) Easy-Content Editing:

Drupal 8 boasts of effective content editing tools such as a WYSIWG editor which allows developers to build an intuitive backend that makes content editing effortless.

2) Mobile-Friendly:

It allows development of responsive websites that can work flawlessly across all platforms. This is particularly useful in the day and age where smartphones are increasingly ubiquitous.

3) User Experience:

The UX of a website defines the popularity it will enjoy among users. Thanks to its highly accommodating architecture, Drupal 8 developers to build a highly fluid UX that makes the stay on the website longer and improves the usability.

4) Security Features:

The platform is highly robust and boasts of great security. Also, several security plugins can be added to the site thereby making it highly effective when it comes to warding off threats.

5) SEO Friendly:

Search Engine Optimization is crucial as it helps marketers boost the PageRank of a website and improve its visibility on internet search results. Drupal 8’s features such as an easy addition of unique URLs and Meta Tags make it highly SEO-friendly.

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5 Crucial Advantages Offered by WordPress CMS That Makes it the Best!

Developing websites for your brand is no longer an option. Businesses across the globe have adopted branding websites as a norm as it allows them to place an outpost on the internet to enable visitors and clients to learn about the services offered and a means to contact them. This is where WordPress comes in. A highly powerful CMS, it is used by business all over the world to build beautiful and content-rich websites.

WordPress is presented in the form of binary code 3d illustration

The following advantages make it the best CMS platform out there:

1. Open Source Software: WordPress is Open source software with a global developer community. With a customer base of around 60 million websites, it enjoys widespread support from developers who work constantly to develop free plugins and add-ons for integration.

2. Highly Flexible: The platform is highly customizable and allows integration of a wide variety of third-party software and plugins thereby helping introduce cutting-edge tech and features to the website. It offers robust security thanks to its compatibility with several crucial security add-ons.

3. A Treasure Trove of Designs: Due to a large number of customers that opt for WordPress websites, there is a huge library of designs and themes, paid and free, available for download on the internet. This allows development of unique websites with truly eye-catching features.

4. Ease of Maintenance: Compared to other contemporary CMSs, WordPress is relatively easy to maintain as there is no dearth of developers across the globe. Due to its robust platform, the CMS offers stable performance with scalability.

5. Intuitive Backend Management: From adding and editing content to distributing the responsibilities between the different teammates, all activities on the WordPress website are undertaken at the backend. The backend which is powered by a simple and intuitive UI allows users with very little technical understanding to work on the platform with ease.

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